Speaking of Power Levels...

Land killing lans has gone through many ordeals, and for eleven years there was no new ones. So, all six are shown here.

1994 - Strip Mine (Antiquites)
1997 - Wasteland (Tempest)
1999 - Dust Bowl (Mercadian Masques)
Seven years of gap
2006 - Ghost Qurter (Dissention)
2010 - Tectonic Edge (Worldwake)
2013 - Encroaching Wastes (Magic 2014 Core Set)

It gets worse and worse... To match with the gradually dropping power levels (which, I guess only leaper forward with bad decisions about artifact-themed Mirrodin) land-killer lands are also began to fade away.

Even if you take the gradual declination into account, Strip Mine (or even Wasteland) versus Encroaching Wastes is an insult.

What'd ya expect different from those who still add 1 colourless mana to good old Counterspell in fear of bringing solid controls back? We've built those badass controls through Mirrodin-Kamigawa, we shall build them in the future, with or without Counterspell.

- - -

Note: Thanks to Brandon McKay for correcting a huge mistake. Ghost Quarter, which was painted by one of my favourite artists Heather Hudson (that's a shame for me), was initially printed in Dissention in 2006.

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